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 Amber Rimell 

 & Bronski 


TAWBOX are BAFTA & Billboard Award nominated creative directors, and UKMVA winning directors, consisting of Amber Rimell and Bronski. TAWBOX have been responsible for creating some of the most culturally significant and iconic live performances in British music, as conceptualists, creative directors, production designers and choreographers. The London based creative pair have become synonymous with monumental events which have captured the imaginations of people across the world, including Stormzy’s 2019 headline show at Glastonbury and Dave’s 2020 BRITs performance. 


Their work often explores a hybrid of traditional stage craft philosophy, cutting edge technology, and cultural moments. They are inspired not only by artists, music, culture, and the arts more broadly, but also by the endless possibilities of how an audience can experience performance, whether physically in the audience or through a lens.


With a cinematic eye for theatrical motion, TAWBOX are leaders and innovators in music performance.

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