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A few years ago, we both talked about an idea of a series of short films where we combined one dancer, with one word. The word would connect to the dancer. A feeling, a passion, an obsession, an object…. anything that could influence a compelling and inspiring character study exploring a talented dancer.


On December 3rd 2020, alongside DAZED we premiered our first episode, 'Misunderstood'.

Directors - TAWBOX

Artist - Mikiel Bruce

DOP - Jed Darlington-Roberts

1st AC - Oliver Bingham

1st AC (Fields) - Cameron Sealby

Gaffer - Chris Williamson


Film Lab - Cinelab

Colour Producer - Carla Thomas

Grade - Vlad Barin @ CHEAT

Poster - Tom Hodgkinson

PM - Joel Stanley

Driver - Daniel Awolesi

Producer - IAMSOUND

Music - Lyra Pramuk // Caterina Barbieri // De Staat

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